18November2019 is a company that has left breadcrumbs as seen in the blog’s dashboard. I contacted the company via the chat feature on the splash page, but the “sales rep” on the other end refused to provide me any real answers, instead directing me to their “help” email address, which so far has not responded to my email asking why they were tracking me, who hired them to, and that I do not consent to surveillance.


… flood …


The service Meltwater provides basically datamines behind the “protection” and anonymity supposedly provided when one pays a hosting service or provider entity, e.g. like WordPress Premium Plan bloggers.

Right… as if there is any privacy, anywhere, anymore. Winston and Julia had more than we do now, in the bushes or in the rented room.


Why do I even take the time to post this? Because if it is happening to me, it’s happening to others. And honestly, no one should apathetically ‘swallow’ this bitter pill of the soft prison of constant surveillance. Especially when they know who is paying for it, and why. Anyone who focuses the light of truth on workers of darkness is a threat to the house of cards these lost souls have built for their karma. Actually, we are striving for their souls, because at the end of the day [sic] it is they who most benefit, potentially. That is, if they have any soul left to examine itself. Their person may be just too overrun with archons, but no good deed goes unpunished or unrewarded.

So although I wrote yesterday that the Kali Yuga post was “my last transmission” (at least ‘for the main’, as a comment alluded), it seems that’s just not happening.The time we are in calls for responsiveness at certain points, and this couples with discernment. My ex, after meeting me, surprised me by blurting out “You’re defensive, not strategic! You’d suck at D & D!” (That should have been a run, don’t walk a-ha moment for me, but I was still unaware Dungeons and Dragons was evil back in 2008. And he was a Dungeon master all the way back to when he was a pre-pubescent dressing in his older sister’s and his mother’s clothes and shoes (he told me).
Manipulation is a function of the ego, and the narcissistic quality of needing to create a world to buttress itself, within material conditioning.
In other words, a gameplayer.

Yeah, I’m being very up front.

So watch me all you want with your x-ray specs. My spiritual armor surpasses any magic.




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  1. Oh nice finding dear friend.

    Seems you have run into Five Eyes FVEY! ( › wiki › Five_Eyes)! The countries in agreement spies on citizens of other countries and share the data! So, legally they don’t get caught on spying on their own citizens. BTW, citizen means slave in legal parlance!

    I am thinking that once we randomly hit the paywall following any link; they catch our IP addresses and data mine clandestinely! I have not done anything further, but I suspect the cookie policy of the website having paywall must be mentioning something in this regard.

    Lets hope that down under just somehow dissuaded and discontinue illegal and clandestine data mining from your devices!

    Thank you for the important post.


    1. Ah, even more info, thank you my friend.
      Yes, the entire birth certificate sales of us as dead assets in place of the gold removed for their atmosphere.
      My understanding is that the firm is contracted by an entity (an alphabet > news company owned by Soros > an employee of same who is a deep state asset in the guise of person suit with personal breach-in-their-hull vendatta and monetary scheme) and this blog is sought, not that it (ETA) initiated this spying by being a blog. The post I did a few months ago addressing who made and operates the internet certainly points specifics, but all data referenced already existed, I just assembled it from the optopus’s holds.
      LOL to ‘down under’: hell in the AU!
      I stand with you in the confidence of Light destroying all shadows!
      Always when we are closest to the goal, the way becomes more ~interesting!
      Only five?
      Our ONE.

      1. Welcome dear friend!

        But, this is very known and I guess they are not even hiding anything about it.

        What we are guessing about who does this, I feel still we are very far then the core! Somewhere, I sense that the very so called humans getting this done through various levels / fronts are stooges of the invisible dark forces beyond 3D.

        Well, in reply to Only five?; I can say that these group is also managing info from other nations by hook or crook!

        Thank you for sharing the pics. I am aware about the level and extent they have gone… all in name of progress of humans! All towards glorified trans-humanism and total control of consciousness on this planet; before the cycle end / new start!

        Thank you for the reply.


      2. One thing for sure is what I made public about Meltwater caused company ‘ripples’ concerning their ‘transparency drop’ (the curtain parted/no veil of secrecy) and so they are scurrying in their darkness doing “‘process improvement’. The mental images that creates are laughable, like early Mickey Mouse, which is actually the truth. I agree with you that they’re stooges, and more than three of them.

        What is completely fascinating to me – and this occurence is not the first, the first that I noticed was when I somehow found the early 1900’s Victorian illuminati magazine archived privately online and read their admittance that they created trichnosis and released it to the public via the Chicago pig livestock yards. How does this happen? It’s the detox. More to say on that in other places/appropriate settings. The fact is: parasites create the veils to seeing. They are how it’s done, and it’s all a part of the dark arts pharmakeia. This is why the Food and Drug Administration is one combined entity. Any reasonable mind would categorize food and drugs separately. But the magicians have to spellcast openly!

        It’s so interesting that George Orwell’s brother was high MI6.

        I feel and somehow on sense levels beyond even the sixth the dimensional changes, like a super-cosmic creaking and stretching, ‘sounding’ – beyond aural – a lot like the ‘sound’ of ‘space travel’ from the movies we have all seen, or described in DUNE and other Science Fact genre (it is not fiction, they purposely misnamed the genre and for this reason I made a stink on NANOWRIMO last year about just that). If you can see the horizons you can see the leaking of the spheres as they intermix and the 3D is being displaced. Maybe there are better ways to describe it.

        Thank you for being.


      3. Wonderful! Someone is activated at last!

        I am not sure why but when a lay person is asked to join in some thrilling activity; however it may be negative – like circumventing privacy of someone – lay person happily becomes accomplice! Just for the sake of massaging the ego, I think! I guess many at meltwater would have felt that high!

        Yes, good that you found the old archive online! Understand that based on the laws prevailing of this universe; the “bad guys” need to somewhere and somehow advertise their deeds & plans!

        I think that brother of G Orwell might have used G to achieve above law I mentioned. Alternatively, he could be just warning people in general; as his morality might be coming in between his soul and his work! Even both combined!

        I just do not got it what you have written in the last para. I hope that I get it; else I would ask you to explain it!

        Thank you for all.


      4. Thank you for being the unbiased reflection of truth, Chitta.
        Yes. The burning leaves what is true.
        Gnowing this is LIBERTY.

        Oh, amazing Orwellian insights! “Even both combined”, I lean toward…

        OK, the last pp… the EMFd particulates hiding “Tattooine” and keeping cymatically the holographic illusion perceived materially, this error of existence 3D… am I of such a small group who sees past this, witnessing on a cosmological level, crying out as a watcher?

      5. Oh, I am just trying… what I perceive I need to be! I am no where near to be unattached observer and thereby reflection of truth!! At least I can be that… in certain few matters!

        Yes, after burning out all that is not truth; the remained is truth! Gnowledge liberates!

        I guess once we get out of dichotomy thrust upon us; we can see that there are lot many possibilities / options! So, may be there is something more in Orwellian insight, that I am still not able to perceive and missed out!

        I guess there is a lot more to discuss for the EMFd particulates hiding “Tattooine” and keeping cymatically the holographic illusion perceived materially.

        I am not sure how small is such group, but if you consider humanity or even mankind, yes it is “such a small group”!!!

        Thank you for the reply.


      6. Oh, I have done nothing so that I can be a source of inspiration. I am just a student of KG level!

        I am just sharing what I understand. So, that others, along with you, can share their understanding.

        Thank you for all.


      7. Oh! I insist that I have just taken admission in KG! I am just sharing my ABCs!

        Thank you very much for trust in me.

        Thank you for all.


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