and that is what we realize when the interference of person is removed.

Last night I finally – lol, finally – as if – I went to the zero point past dimensions where there’s no time or space. Past the construct held together by phenomena.

The kingdom of heaven really is here like Jesus said. Now I can just hear him, after being with the Sons of Light in Nepal and India, fasting, *learning at the feet of the masters…

He must have been yelling to everyone he came across at first when he came into Jerusalem, THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS HERE! RIGHT HERE IN US! ❤ ❤ ❤
That’s how I feel!!!

It is so simple.

So seriously, where this is going, it’s going really fast to the reset. I know it is. Who will be that last person to “get it” and tip the scales???

*”To live at the foot of the master is to be at the top of **the highest mountain on earth.” – Moojibaba

**The footstool of the Most High


Addition: What I wrote is pithy. Absolutely does not convey what words can’t. Words were made for something else, transactions and time. Words do not work. I just deleted a comment sent proving that nothing I experienced by not experiencing was related here. I want to delete this post but won’t. There’s a word for this I tried to share that was there when the veils fell off. Not saying it. Lucky I write at all…. …point of light.



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