EAT THE CHILDREN Organization staffer video – DISCLOSURE


      1. Oh dear. People are far too serious these days. Get high and mighty offended by nigh anything. I think it should be made known the way of the Australians, our cultural temperament and proclivities. Hmmph 🧐 🤸‍♀️ the cartwheel is to demonstrate I am a kinky slut because my legs are wide open, and i’m upside down. clearly.
        😂🤣🤗🙌 (double high 5 – high 10? c’mon, don’t leave me hanging)


      2. I wrote that because – and I love you, girl, I see your spirit – because we all do. It allows the best of a person to reveal it self. Races, states and nations are ripples of aeons of dimensional levels outgrown into the material in the reverse order I stated. This is how we gain back our bright nature here on earth, better able to claim what our soul can choose when not holding formless ones embodied in matter from the Mater. It’s on the menu, order it next 🙂

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