The broken line love letters

“The main thing is to have a soul that loves the truth and harbours it where he finds it. And another thing: truth requires constant repetition, because error is being preached about us all the time, and not only by isolated individuals but by the masses. In the newspapers and encyclopedias, in schools and universities, everywhere error rides high and basks in the consciousness of having the majority on its side.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, (1749-1832)

“Everybody’s different.”

Sometimes a person connects the wrong dots, looking for a pattern based on perception, and error can occur. Usually it’s due to experience, or limited information at hand to base clear discernment upon. The letters don’t always line up.

When a person is repeatedly ignored and isolated, and they believe that they observe the parties they respect and reach out to continuing to ignore their existence act erratically, and contrary to their professed purpose, conclusions might be drawn which are erroneous.

This happens with communication, especially the withholding of it, the ultimate control. And lack of communication, or withdrawal of it can lead to the observer’s eventual questioning the pattern they are trying to interpret.

The reflexive organism model, the observer shaping the observed, no ideal copy.

This can become especially problematic if the pattern changes, i.e., if the voice changes, or the very person speaking from the ‘platform’ seems to be a different person that the individal one was looking at and trying to learn from. Who’s driving then? Who’s talking? Whose words? It’s gets confusing, and this is a time-critical mission.

This may all be due to both social media as the beast it is, and past trauma which tarnishes interactive abilities and trust, etc. Relationships. We are to here to be authentic, and sometimes we look for the level of engagement we ourselves give, and it fails to be returned.

When a person speaks they should speak from the heart, and in this time we are in, as we are being encouraged to disclose, disclose, give names, shake the skeletons from the coffins, light the dust, we are even more vulnerable as targets, and even more easily miscontrued. What can seem ‘impolite’ may really be what needs to be said to crack through into the rsonance field of the other, who the elocutor thinks is distancing themselves in a way that is in contradiction to their professed identity.

We are all looking for reality here in this hall of mirrors.

If I, in my process of getting out of this distortion field, send a displacement ripple which impacts another’s in interference, I am sorry. It’s not my intent. We all are looking to be recognized, seen, heard: not erased.

I thank each of you , eternally independent of reciprocity. I overshare, that’s a fact. My life was torture . I’m cut from the herd now. MK Ultra. I’m trying to save humanity just as you are. We were all heinously stolen from and decieved. I’ll do my best to remember that I must rejoice in being a targeted individual, the proof of identity to negate the reCAPTCHA. Even as I am unacknowledged, ignored, attacked. Especially because of that. Everyone has been tortured, everyone is walking here with bruised wings. I’m learning, I make mistakes. I love you, I’m sorry, please fore-give me.

My soul honors your soul and that is ALL.



Written by The Ascension Diet - Eating To Ascend

Ridiculed by family and friends lifelong for being a "conspiracy theorist", survivalist and prepper, the author was born to ancestry on each side steeped in Freemasonry (Masonic Order Scottish Rite, Eastern Star, Job's Daughters), the Oddfellows and the Elks, John Birch and other secret societies, while being German, Celtic Irish / Welsh and Cherokee in both direct parental lineages. Those who are awake know the significance of this lineage. Her early childhood and youth were shaped by devout Lutheranism, scouting, serving as Chaplain in Job's Daughters, and almost becoming Amish! After reading 1984 in 1974, she stopped watching television at age 14, and at 17, refused multiple recruitment attempts by the CIA. By age 25, she was an antique dealer who helped coin the term kitsch, and an accomplished, self-sufficient non-GMO organic gardener and master food preserver, with two young children, a degree in Chemistry, and a scholarship to Johns Hopkins Medical School. The tragic death of her closest brother derailed her medical studies, and having become a divorced single parent by age 27 with no child support, instead pursued advanced degrees in fine arts and hospice nursing. However, monetary reward was not to come. As years went by, a pattern of MK Ultra interference emerged, interrupting completion of her goals. The strong educational background in math, sciences and computers, fine arts, literature and history imbued her ability to decipher the intentionally confusing reality of the toxic world we live in. Previous employers include NASA Goddard, the Discovery Channel and Aerotek. As the "truther movement" gained momentum world-over, the undeniably visible dangers of GMOs, chemtrails, and the surveillance state grew evident. Interviewed on NPR's National Public Radio in 2011 as a pioneer GMO-free food producer, her life took another fateful turn three years later, after her primary care physician refused to diagnose and treat her for Lyme Disease, she realized she had developed what is commonly called Morgellons, and immediately discovered that the systemic coverup and refusal to diagnose or treat meant she had to heal herself. Drawing on every aspect of her lifetime of experience and learning enabled her to not only recover, but to achieve a greater health - in middle age - than is believed possible. In the process of detoxification and physical regeneration - especially the pineal gland - she found a working diet almost anyone can follow that raises frequency and sovereign intention, readying the mind, body and spirit for humanity's greatest challenge: Ascension.
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