Highway Cross - morning 18June2023


There is a cross a few miles away from me which I can see while taking a walk. After I heard this interview a few weeks ago, I resolved to remember to photograph it, and share this interview. Here’s the takeaway: without the gift of the cross, the world’s whole vibe really is off. Curious about the science of it?  Check out my article Rapture out of Time 2!

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“At Summit Ministries we have a cross atop our antique hotel where our summer programs are held, and it lights up bright white at night. You can see it anywhere from town, you can see it from the highway, driving by. And it’s become, even in a little hippie town, kind of sorta cool, you know? People like it. I found this out just a couple of months before I came to be the president of Summit Ministries, when I was in the process of putting together a team. One of our employees said “You know, we had a windstorm and the cross got knocked over.” And a guy came knocking on the door very frantic. He said “Your cross fell over: you need to get it back up there.” And our employee said “Yes, we will get it back up there, thank you for letting us know.” But then she asked him “I’m really curious why this is so important to you, because I know that you’re a Buddhist.” And he said “Dude, the whole vibe of our town is off if your cross is not on.”
And I thought ‘He said way more than he could actually know.'”
Jeff Myers, June 1, 2023


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