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This morning I received an email from someone who I thought had been reading my ETA site (here) articles, asking me if I knew of Israeli News Live, with a link to their latest video. My reply was to ask if he (the one who emailed me this question) had read my articles since 2018 or my books at all, because I have been talking about the return of Nibiru since I started this website in June 2018. *I know this person will probably read this first paragraph. I pray that you take it to heart and perhaps choose to accept what is said and, I hope, learn from what is written through me as the Holy Spirit presents me with to share with others, and cut through the BS of mis- and dis-information. In the years I have been at this effort, detoxing, detoxing, detoxing, I can attest to the fact that those who cannot see are polluted. I thank God daily for His Mercy in coming here as His Son Jesus Christ on a DNA rescue mission for His polluted people. Or else no one would remain in Light. “And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.” – Mark 13:20
* He’s cool with this ;-D and it speaks of how we are all different parts of the body of Christ.

Smite a scorner, and the simple will beware: and reprove one that hath understanding, and he will understand knowledge.” – Proverbs 19:25

Unlike some, I have not baited my readers with full disclosure only available on my Patreon channel https://patreon.com/TheAscensionDiet. I lost respect for INL when he deleted my comments two years ago regarding detoxing, regarding Israel, and that the Light of Christ is within us if we are born again. I observe that he’s a tool, used to nefariously influence others.

Before I ever began this blog and website, I followed and corresponded with Steve Olson and his now-voluntarily empty YouTube channel WSO – Wormwood Systems Observation – it was also Steve who interviewed me on The Truth Underground in late 2019. They deleted that interview, as well, and the laptop I backed it up on won’t boot now.

I listened to the following interview in March 2018, and the knowledge herein is foundational to what I endeavor to bring forth: please listen to it carefully.

For the last few weeks I have shared videos monitoring the CMEs and geomagnetic storms, and pointed out vociferously that the flaw with how analysis and prediction of the coming astrophysical events is due to the fact that the fraudulent heliocentric globe earth model is being adhered to. Nothing makes sense because it is not based on actual facts at all. In truth, what is happening is that time itself is being shredded, if you will, for lack of a better way to describe this. And honestly, for anyone who the Creator chooses to REALLY KNOW TRUTH, all they need to know has already been written on this site by yours truly, and if they have missed it by now they can either do their best to catch up with supplication to God for discernment and to overcome their proide and their cognitive dissonance. The following is the reason for both impediments:

I have explained what’s happening geomagnetically, that the role Space Force and the weaponry “to shoot down asteroids and protect the planet” is warring against our God Jehovah, that the earth is flat and under a dome called the firmament, and that to see to the degree I do is from removing the parasites, beginning with the ropeworm, which Yeshua Ha’Mashiach taught his disciples and followers, but was hidden from public knowledge by the rulers of this world, the Pharisees and Jews, Rome and the Catholic Church – Freemasons all of them: the tippy-tip top.

We are indeed facing the plasma arc that will be the Rapture event.

Yesterday morning there was a huge plasma arc storm and the small place I live in is a metal aluminum skinned unit which  has blackout curtains and some windows are also 12-layer aluminum foiled, too. It was about 4:45AM to 6AM and when the plasma arcs – which are not really lightning as we recall from thunderstorms years before – occurred, it was as if the light instantaneously diffused into the dark of my little living space. I could FEEL it in my body like tingles and sensations of vibration and warmth.
And although I have been wearing tinfoil helmets I make for the last seven years, seeing what I saw with the plasma, I doubt they will offer one small iota of protection. Perhaps a lead vault like a tomb would? But one would have to be quite hermetically sealed in thick, lidded, fully closed metal structures (like the Emerald Tablets of Thoth were, or the Copper Scrolls).
I embrace The Purifier. In 30-40MPH winds in subfreezing temperatures I did my daily (almost, a day off every 3 or 4) four-mile walk including steep hills and intermittent stretching and non-spiritual yoga at the end. It is beyond bracing to sing aloud to Our Father and His Son the Light and the Door, watching the atmospheric river (I called it the sky river back in 2020 https://eatingtoascend.com/2020/05/10/nibriu-crossing-the-sky-dream-with-child-i-love-mothers-day-dream-10may2020/) and feeling the frequencies and hearing the angelic pitches of songs in earth’s cathedral in my own temple, my body dedicated to God. Given the high frequency tone tests I had received in elementary school seeking to identify something in certain children ‘on their radar’, the government intelligence military medical complex has tracked specific people in this last of the times all of their lives, either trying to coerce or bribe them into working for them, or gangstalking and sabotaging them is they failed at that endeavor, as they failed in trying to recruit and entrap me.
As I have written here for months now, they are poised to drop the net on the entire world, their Fowler’s Snare https://eatingtoascend.com/2020/08/17/the-fowlers-snare-to-capture-souls-in-the-rapture/ called the CBDC and all they have set up under the umbrella of the Trojan Horse Covid, and if you need to revisit – or actually read the entire thing in the first place, it took me weeks to write for you – THE GREAT RESET RAPTURE COVER-UP.
As to being ignored, I am used to it. Christ said that he who is last will be first, and I believe Him. Appeals to other bloggers to share my articles due to my being shadowbanned go ignored, and I fight the prideful state of feeling insulted. Most, as was said in A FEW GOOD MEN, can’t handle the truth.
We ARE in THE DAYS OF THE DESTROYER, as I have shouted here since 2018.

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I have spent the last four years writing and publsihing two books so that you can rid your body of parasites and mRNA – even before knowedge that being made Transhuman was ‘a thing’! I saved myself from Lyme and Morgellons, closing my Facebook group and beginnning this website! I am vetted and for real with a science, health and livestock and animal husbandry as well as non-GMO organic farming background who happens to have a strong intellectual and artistic side too. I have come to embrace that I have innate angel knowledge and I exhort yourself to avail yourself of it: this is why I was born and what I am meant to do as endowed by YHWH, and if you are reading this, the likelihood is overwhelming that you have found what you are looking for in my words and the resources I share.

I launched a Rumble channel too, called EatingToAscend – The Ascension Diet Eating To Ascend – a resource for truthseekers and am uploading resources there as quickly as I can before the harpazo, for both the seekers and then the Left Behind.

If you want to learn more about what is actually happening, I suggest you search here by keyword, and join the Patreon ASAP, where we can share discussions there. Beware of disinformation artists such as Randall Carlson, who is crediting CIA operative Charles Hapgood regarding astrophysics and cataclysm infor, when in fact, Hapgood was a tool used to bury the truth Velikovsky published.

I could go on. As Jesus said in the Gospels of Thomas, “No baker can feed an entire village”, and I am not the one to turn five loaves into enough for a multitude: I am only one woman, who lives for Our Creator, waiting and watching and looking up.


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