Fitting for today, A Nonesuch Christmas – Classical music from the Baroque, Renaissance and Middle Ages

Enjoy, beloved, and remember the reason for this day, for soon we will behold the Lamb of GOD.

Nonesuch Records, 1969
Choruses, Sacred (Mixed voices), Orchestral music, Christmas music, Unlocked Recordings. Contains works by Bach, Dufay, G. Gabrieli, Hammerschmidt, Handl, Praetorius, Schein, Schütz, Speer, and Walter.
Program notes by Joshua Rifkin and texts on slipcase.

A Nonesuch Christmas front cover

A Nonesuch Christmas tracklist

A Nonesuch Christmas from the Baroque, Renaissance, and Middle Ages was released in 1970. Cover design by Bob Heimall, with art by Abe Gurvin and art direction by Bill Harvey.
The title typeface is a rare bird: West Latin Playbill Swash was drawn in two weights in or before 1967 by Dave West for Photo-Lettering, Inc. The bold weight used here appears to be derived from his West Cooper Nouveau Swash 10, but is distinguished by flared stems and pointed terminals.
Nonesuch was “created in 1963 as a budget label for classical releases licensed from large classical record companies in Britain and France that did not have a cost-efficient means to distribute their releases directly in North America.” (source)

A Nonesuch Christmas inner notes 1

A Nonesuch Christmas inner notes 2

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