Another angel at my side in September 2022


October 21, 2022

New Patreon post, called AS WE REACH THE END OF THE AGE, for patrons only. After a much-needed sabbatical to digitally detox and spend time walkin g with YHWH, I am excited to be able to share here again, and encourage those who have not yet become members to do so.

Ignition of the Atmosphere document

May all who seek Christ and to be with Our Creator be richly blessed in RAPTURE READINESS! Practice kindness to all around you – especially if no one sees or knows it! We are the LIGHT and the SALT of these last days and OUR HEAVENLY FATHER PUT EVERY ONE OF US HERE TO DO HIS WILL AS HE SEES FOR HIS POLEASURE AND GLORY. For YHWH Jesus GOD is LOVE, and WE are HIS LOVE.


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