FEMA camps coming with 2-Meter Balconies

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R-click to download the OFFICIAL PDF of NY State Bill authorizing FEMA CDC Shielding Camps Interim-Operational-Considerations-Implementing-Shielding-in-Humanitarian-Settings

January 3, 2021: NY SB 416 FEMA CAMPS article https://eatingtoascend.com/2021/01/03/sb416-fema-camps/

Article on the Shielding Approach published HERE in December 2020 called OUR SAVING GRACE Part 2 of 3: SHIELDING APPROACH FEMA CAMPS. The saving grace isn’t the camps, but the EMPCOE (or series of them). And JESUS, who is coming with the clouds: the LIGHT of the SINGULARITY.

Singularity definition: a point between two points of a curved space-time wormhole in which time and space do not exist. NOT what K.Sch__b says. The enemy only mimics.

PARODY of Dr, Seuss,, but true.

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