Elephants fleeing the earth falling away Spring 2021


June 5, 2021


As you all know (my long-time readers and friends/family), I LOVE ELEPHANTS.
And I returned from living in India at the foothills of the Himalayas along the China border to be here with my family in the last Days.
I read the article a few days ago about the elephant tribe in China heading to higher ground to survive – and they have harmed NO ONE, they are not “rogue” or dangerous, and now my fellow Wormwood System Watcher Viscardi366 has posted about their flight to safty today. Truly we must watch the SIGNS AND WONDERS.

Sinking India and Australia in the Ocean – reblog from twelfthplanetblog.wordpress.com

Why would this herd of elephants decide to march North, toward the area where the China Dragon
was heard roaring in the mountains, toward the area where mega quakes hit in inland China just last May?
If they were trying to escape a trembling Earth, logically they would have migrated South. But note that the path the elephant herd took is exactly along the border with the Indo-Australian Plate. The India side is being aggressively pushed DOWN and this unrelenting pressure will only increase. Listening to their excellent instinct, the herd has decided to move.

Elephants fleeing the earth falling away Spring 2021

I had this album when it came out and my children would – if they would stop shunning me and read my writing and be together in these last days – recall this album, and especially this song called HIGHER GROUND – being played almost daily, and on the mix tapes i played in the Landcruiser FJ40 I drove. As I wrote in my Patreon post this morning (exclusive to patreon supporters): “They have the Chronovisor and our DNA. They know who are God’s people and what we would do in these last days.” I look at the music I listened to and the art I made and see how I knew the days we are in now were coming.

(My DC newsman ex-husband stole all my CDs)

On my way
Heading down
Time to find
Higher ground

In your arms
In my dreams
With you there
With you there

Be my light
By my side
If you dare
Be my guide

On your way
Try to find
Higher ground
For all time

On your way
Find your way
In the light
Hey hey hey

Be my life
By my side
If you dare
Be my guide

Made for Kristin Hersh in 2001

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