In 2013, after coming out of the year-long dissociative fugue I underwent and trying to return to my destroyed life, I was blessed to discover the blog PTSDAWAYOUT – https://ptsdawayout.com – and it literally saved my life. The man who began it is named Marty. He is a hero, in my estimation, and exemplifies the qualities of strength and compassion and enduring hope in the face of abject evil which are all that is good in human beings, and why we are hated by the evil ones who lack these traits and are responsible for all of the lies, theft, manipulation, pain, trauma, disease and death in this world.

 It was the BREATHING TRACK which saved me, and I have shared links to it here on this site before.

PTSD and CPTSD, gaslighting, narcissism and cluster disorders, sexual abuse, pedophilia, addiction and all human trafficking and cannibalism are the etheric energy harvesting done which perpetrates the cycle we humans valiantly struggle to be released from. We are not the wrong done to us: we do not own it. We are sovereign and good and made in the image of The Creator.

We are Light, something energy parasites lack and cannot make or abide.

So to all readers who have not yet visited Marty’s blog PTSDAWAYOUT, please do! Follow it daily. You will benefit. The comments are as dynamic as one could hope for, and intelligent, keen, kind and insightful. It is a real community, and in this time we are all challenged to face now, is more needed than ever before.

Marty, thank you for being such a beautiful human being. Here’s a huge hug! You are loved, you are treasured, you are amazing, and so are all of your readers.

You make the world a better place and have earned your crown, brother. We are all in gratitude to the gift of peace your work helps bring to so many!

All my love,

Laura, @eatingtoascend.com

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