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January 2, 2021
Morning, Virginia USA

I have noticed that the 5G tower in closest proximity to me, with immediate, unobscured view, has begun to alternate the pattern of its four flashing lights which pulse a signal broadcast to not only air traffic but to all beings near. At times now in these very dim days which began just before the winter solstice and now seem as if we are entering the Three Days of Darkness, the lights have been turned off completely. It is dark outside even though the sky is noctoluminescent from east to south to west to north, as one pans the horizon and can (at least I can) see that through the geoengineered somnambulent mists and low atmosphere clouds obscuring The Destroyer Nibiru Wormwood system the color is really a red oxide, changed with nanotechnology filters sprayed by the stratospheric aerosol injection climate control chemtrails they spray at rates completely unprecedented.

I just observed a few moments ago that now only the third light from the top (I have spatial recall of the pattern and placement)is lit, in red, and NOT BLINKING. Alternate patterns are for all four lights to blink in white patterns or red patterns, or to be off. But NOW only ONE is ON and it is RED.

Does anyone else observe changes in Direct Energy Weapon Ground Weapon Emergency Network microwave 5G Extra-low-frequency cellular tower behavior? If so, please email me directly at eatingtoascend@protonmail.com
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© Laura Rohrer Little Brooks January 2, 2021
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