Subtitle : yesterday tomorrow [follows course and put into operation (our multispecies multispecies multiplenetary civilization the plans of existence and the serious task of a mining and destructive society on our present planet, apparently deliberately isolated in the middle of a galactic community started multitime)].

… Voices that you do not hear, but you receive what is best described within explosions of an imprint that seems an epiphany of pure emotion or purpose that you know intuitively what you have received us understanding without exchanging words. If and when you hear the voices, it could be one of two things: telepathy sometimes involves voice-to-voice communication, but of course you have to make sure you speak “the same languages.”

Voice-to-voice telepathy is much more complex and less likely to be less accurate to less experienced minds. The more you practice with the imprint of your emotion, convey your feelings to others, feeling like you’re stretching out your invisible hand to the other person and touching it, allowing them to feel how you feel. This type of telepathic connection will strengthen the ability to maintain a telepathic bond with another individual long enough to overcome mere impressions of emotion to the ability to communicate. If you try to start communicating using complex language rules and misinterpretations, you will most likely confuse the benevolent entity or confuse you (individual collective planet sun galaxy et cetĕra .) with which you are trying to talk.

The universal consciousness is universal is multidimensional, hence the article.

The great impact our universe and releases, at accounts in hand [a] 250,000 year line, by understanding this number?


The suns on the ground shadow the sub worlds uteri the transiting deities partial ascents even angelic the phantom deaths and the great non-human and human societies of multitime. [humans and transhumans /C-1984 vaxxed posthumans, AI]

The timeline of the great revelation event… Follows.

Outing and coming out.

The spirit of harmlessness, the courage in vulnerability and the power of infinite ‘freedom’ (metratronic codes of self-consumption, the cosmic evil the great anger and the system of supplies on innocent children light angels imprisoned and right people – the mutant covid 19 for the false pandemic will have explicit elsewhere  ). The interdimensional infection that attacks the human vessel is a delirium in plain sight.

The boys to the squirm between the sims and the keys of the INf DNA and the children prodigy “5 steps forward” : the language of Creation (the great synthesis). … have known my Father better.


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(It’s necessary to hear from the roundelet of watchers’ voices.)

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