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Comment: “and many will hate me for telling you that it’s not fat, it’s parasites. ”

Yeah, this is true.

I wanted to tell you intentional use of psilocybin mushrooms is hugely effective at expelling these parasites.

I lost 10 pounds in 12 hours.

But more impressive than that was the ability to actually SEE these parasites in my own physical form; to consciously banish them from the physical locations they implanted themselves in within my body- Not only that but to actually be able to differentiate between the different ‘types’ of parasites, each with it’s own ‘flavor’ of energy it craved…

Our bodies have the ability to purge these things; The process of expelling through vomitting is incredibly powerful. The mushrooms are a gift that allows us to break trough the dullness and the fog to actually perceive what is happening within our temples.

At the peak of this experience, I could feel every part of my body more vividly than ever before, and, I could actually see my the light energy inside this ‘physical’ form.

However, I don’t think I would recommend this route to someone who isn’t either familiar with ritual entheogenic use, or someone with a deep experience in self-exploration and a solid embodiment practice.

Wanted to share as I recognize the truth of your perceptions.



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  1. Thank you for sharing the email.

    I fully understand what he says about consciously banishing them from the physical locations. This is one of the best method and being in supra-conscious state gives you a visualization and also great power over parasites! For some, it could be automatic!

    Wish Mr. Z could share more details of his experience!

    Thank you for all.


    1. You’re welcome, I had to share it =) I plan on reaching back out to -Z- once I get a little caught up here. Let us send -Z- the message via hypercomm!

      I am sure you do have knowledge and experience with this. I perceive this as a function/effect of our risong vibration and consciousness, and psychic surfing with shamanic substances is REAL.

      Our spiritual armor is stronger than any magic.

  2. Well, as suggested a message already sent via hypercomm, even before I could reply you. That reminds me for asking you an apology. Sorry, for replying late, office working is erratic due to situation we have!

    You are absolutely right about function / effect of our increased vibration and consciousness. I have some small not so significant experience.

    Thank you fro all.


    1. No apologies needed. In “function / effect of our increased vibration and consciousness. I have some small not so significant experience”, you just explained why, and this relates to when detoxing – especially with allopathic dewormers, in my experience – parts the veils and we SEE. It’s simple: some are chosen. Genetically coded to receive. Hari OM brother <3

      1. Again sorry to reply very late.

        Just your reply made me think this – exactly how one is chosen?

        Hari Om, sister.


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