Is the sideways slide to the Black Hole Sun a fortnight away?

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October 15, 2019

This article’s appearance has cut short the article I was working on about the vesica piscis nature of the macrocosm of the earth within the dome, Nibiru, and our biophoton packet called the soul. I’ll just jump ahead and share some resources here, most you have already seen, I am guessing. But for those who haven’t, or are still tied to the hubris of the self understanding as the doorway to the infinite, here’s the little I have so far. Any thoughts that have come to me in sleep gnowing are not penned/charactered yet.

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The Simpsons show predicted it.

From The SUN UK October 15, 2019:
“The Simpson’s X-Box game called FORTNITE started shutting down yesterday (October 14th), and gamers are unable to play any mode but “THE END”.
The map began breaking apart and exploding, before eventually disappearing entirely. Since then, the game has been replaced with a black hole – with servers eventually going offline.
Now Fortnite fans have sprung up on Twitter to jokingly suggest that Homer Simpson and his family saw it all coming.
In an early episode, the family TV turns off mysteriously, going completely black except for a white circle in the centre.
That’s very similar to the effect experienced by Fortnite gamers.
Their game shut down and was replaced by a black hole, effectively rendering Fortnite useless.
A clip from the episode has been shared and liked thousands of times on Twitter, with the caption: “RIP Fortnite.”
One Fortnite fan wrote: “Hahaha as always. Simpsons did it first.”
And another said: “Once again, the Simpsons predict the future.”

The episode in question is ‘The Way We Was‘, which is Season 2 Episode 1 and first aired on January 31, 1991.
The Simpsons are watching a television interview when the TV set mysteriously switches off.
All that’s left on-screen is a small white dot – reminiscent of Fortnite’s eerie black hole.
Unsurprisingly, The Simpsons panic and scream as they realise they can’t get the telly to work again.
And Fortnite fans are probably feeling very similar right now, given that the game has been offline for well over 24 hours now.

Go to the UK article.

There’s hope for forlorn Fortnite fans however – a new trailer has teased the game’s return. Fortnite’s trailer shows off a brand new map. Characters are seen exploring the new battleground, which still hasn’t gone live in-game yet.
The video posted to Twitter shows a cast of Fortnite characters exploring a brand new map… That means the game is effectively being replaced entirely, with brand new locations to explore.

What else has The Simpsons predicted?

Here are some of the best…

1) The death of Harambe the Gorilla

  • Following the tragedy at Cincinnati Zoo in May, a number of beady-eyed fans of The Simpsons noticed the 2006 episode, Bart Has Two Mommies, bears some striking similarities
  • In the clip, an elderly chimpanzee takes Bart under her wing after pulling him through the cage at the zoo
  • Unlike the heart-breaking incident at Cincinnati Zoo, Bart is rescued by Rod Flanders and the chimp is unharmed

2) Ebola virus

  • After watching a 1997 episode of The Simpsons, theorists believed that the US animated sitcom predicted the 2014 Ebola outbreak
  • The installment, titled Lisa’s Sax, showed Marge reading sick Bart a book called Curious George and the Ebola Virus
  • After a viewer noticed the coincidence, they questioned whether it could be purely down to chance
  • Despite this, one sceptic noted: “You realize the Ebola virus has been around for a long time, it just hasn’t been as serious as it is now”

3) Horse meat scandal

  • Bizarrely, in 1997 The Simpsons included a short clip of dinner ladies at Springfield Elementary bulking up the school dinners with horsemeat
  • The story bears uncanny resemblance to reports that emerged in 2013 of horsemeat being served up to UK schoolchildren
  • A headline reading “Horse ‘in school dinners’”, which discussed a government investigation into school dinners, appeared on the front page of The Sun in February 2013

4) 9/11

  • One of the most controversial moments in The Simpsons occurred when Lisa held up the front page of a newspaper
  • Theorists believe that the paper, which features the number nine in bold lettering beside the Twin Towers, resembling the number 11, was a forewarning for the attacks on New York in 2001

5) Prince’s death

  • In April, the body of legendary singer Prince was found in his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota
  • After the icon’s death, theorists claimed that the singer may have been murdered because he voiced his opinion on chemtrails
  • Prince openly spoke about the conspiracy, which suggested that the US government sprayed chemicals on their population as a form of human population control
  • Chillingly, a storyline from The Simpsons in 2008 showed an agent getting Homer to kill off Prince because “unfortunately there are certain stars that don’t do what we want”



One must ask, what subliminal aetheric harvesting code manipulations are embedded in these games and systems so many people use? Even if “enlightened” – are they at risk of undesirable detour?

This video contains diagrams clearly illustrating the vesica piscic zero point one must go through, and why the human body must have a high vibration with a low amount of heavy metals as well.

TibetanMonkAscended_smallAnd again, Dan Winter’s video on the DNA Braid and climbing the ladder/reduction to essence biophoton existence beyond matter. That’s what we’re looking at, and it may be soon.

Here’s the first part.

This is who we really are:

This post…

Our earth, our mater/mother/US is turning horizontally in what we have been calling the pole shift – and it is that – but this will allow the positively oriented ionic bodies of LIGHT to translate to higher dimensions, and those trapped in the lower vibrations will remain trapped… in Sheol.
I could be writing about puppies and flowers and giving up Coca Cola (that was years ago now) but I am giving a warning cry to everyone who still has eyes to see and ears to hear to get this message.

From the Kolbrin, an ancient and undisputed text (this is a slideshow, and you can pause to read each frame):

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I’ll stop there. Five is a good number, like the fingers on my right hand.

Also, if you haven’t listened to my WGSO AM radio interview with The Truth Underground here it is as a podcast and on the blog it’s here.

Please feel free to join The Ascension Diet forum. As with this blog, please be patient with me there, too. I am no professional when it comes to this. And since I am spending a great amount of effort trying to wake up my sleeping biological family, and also am constantly hacked and electronically harassed, to get needed Ascension Diet information to those who want it is challenging. The forum is a great way to get real-time help with detox issues and lifestyle support, and, possibly, for us to stay connected unless there’s the total grid-down POTUS has been warning us FOR THE LAST YEAR.




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  1. Just joined the forum. Thank you for creating the same.

    The Simpsons also predicted about the “tramp president”! So, now I am thinking is that using the show, we are being seeded with the idea / program to expect and do as fed? How about not watching the shows? I was told a taxi driver that he no longer watches the TV! May be only watching online content?!

    I am fully aware of how difficult it is to wake up sleeping biological family! Perhaps, that is why many are now talking about the new family… the family of vibration level… the brothers / sisters of the other mothers…! May be a soul (connection) family!

    Thank you and namasté.

    1. Oh good! I will get on there shortly! It is a work in progress! Any suggestions are welcome! So glad you joined! <3
      Yes, the Simpsons! My children watched it, I just passed through the rooms or noticed sometimes. I am not kidding when I say I have never been a "TV Watcher". Only when married to the DC newsman for those few years together (pre-marriage in 2008 until late 2012 separation of less than two year marriage) did I actually "watch shows" because he DVRd them and that was how he spent time when off work, in front of the tube, so I had his dinner ready at 1-2AM and we watched series', sometimes cooking shows in the daytime when I wasn;t taking care of the farm or out riding or doing the farmer's markets or with my own biological family.
      Funny how I am writing so much, but I feel called to be candid.
      So yes, the Simpsons. To me it felt scary. IDK even why I let Emily and Max watch. Maybe because I was too involved in all I was doing and I was passive and ignorant of the danger eventually. It had been so programmed into me that I WAS DEFECTED, not the defects the Luciferian system deceived me to believe I had. How we decode the truth to get to the core of ourselves that has always been there! Biophoton packets of light! Mine's tight and pale blue!
      The Christ said our soul connection family is what matters. So did scribes in the Nag Hammadi, from what I have read. I am coming to the point of letting go of the attachment of grief for them, for the loss of them, for their loss if they stay asleep. Since we are eternal and all this is illusion, the MEMORY TRAP IS A CONTSTRUCT THAT UNLESS WE MASTER RELEASING FROM IT, WE BIND OUR SOUL AND THEIRS IN IT. I am working at that, and it is a process. A detox.
      The love I have and joy are paradox in the eyes of the world, and balancing the online with quiet is a challenge, and I believe soon we will have plenty of quiet time.
      Namasté dear friend and brother.

  2. Thank you for the reply.

    Regarding allowing your children to watch the TV, I guess that time was like a light sleep before waking up… when you were kind of dazed and not sure what is going on and you just behave as you were used to based on the circumstances! Anyway, that was also the important part of experience!

    I am also kind of thinking that how we bend our will just to accommodate partner’s wishes, just to show that we are nice, loving and caring! Not only putting our will aside but also putting aside our love and care for other loved ones, just for our image… that too keep in eyes of only one person! Now, that boils down to just how much important our partner is, as compared to others? Oh… difficult question to answer!

    Oh, being candid! I guess there’s a change in definition / meaning of candid, when we start to notice the things hidden in plain sight! Till we find what is steadfast… the unchanging in us!

    “I am coming to the point of letting go of the attachment of grief for them, for the loss of them, for their loss if they stay asleep. Since we are eternal and all this is illusion, the MEMORY TRAP IS A CONSTRUCT THAT UNLESS WE MASTER RELEASING FROM IT, WE BIND OUR SOUL AND THEIRS IN IT. I am working at that, and it is a process. A detox.” <<< Absolutely agree with you! The mental detox!

    "… and I believe soon we will have plenty of quiet time." <<< yeah everybody is feeling the temporary nature of current construct… waiting for some huge change. I guess many of them don't even realize that they do!

    Thank you and namasté.

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