September 29, 2019
Posted after the Healing Gregorian Chant 432Hz 3 Hours frequency video, prompted by @Truthscrambler’s comment, and the video below is the hyperlink embedded in the word “cymatics” in the book I am writing and have posted for my granddaughter, and must reshare here.
Double entendre…
This video unlocks things for you.
Structured water actually is everything. The firmament, space, the space within the atom, Adam, Adamus, us, the US, now Babylon. Rise up if you can. Words.

One thing this video doesn’t say, but some are aware of, is that sacred geometry controls, and Fibonacci releases. There’s a trap there.
It is necessary to know the coding of the patterns of the material world to escape it, to get off the wheel. The simulacrum is not the Most High’s, but must be surpassed.

The dimensional shift is what unsettling people. The pain, heart palpitations, clenched jaw, teeth, muscles, cramps, crying jags, emotional outbursts, twinges, restless legs, spasms, nightmares, depression, family feuds…
We are already gone. The cataclysm coming is what will break ionic bonds of material perception of this realm.
Size is irrelevant. We begin as one photon. The planets we see were each one as well, one photon. Stop thinking about time, distance and measure. Irrelevant. Read the ancient texts free of the judeo-christian filters and mind control. We can become stars or formless ones. Like them, but in human blood building materials and natural flavors and foods, medicines, products and if Bill Gates has his way, neighborhood soylent plants.

That’s why they have us feeding ourselves into the cloud for them.
That’s why I’m not online much. F that.



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    1. My reply to an email a few mins ago: The sound of towers is how they shape the material world. This is the demiurge’s realm. That they shape the material world with frequency means that all we think we perceive is a deception. This is literally what I think to myself day after day. It’s like that movie where the kid says “I SEE DEAD PEOPLE”.
      Nations (each a diety who left the LIGHT) to control peoples with thoughtforms made in the water of their cells, mutations aided by additives. They make matter. This world has to be filled with frequency to stay materialized. The 5G is them trying to keep us high vibers in place.”

  1. Thank you for the post!

    Again you are sharing the valuable observing / feeling of the shift! I have been feeling something you listed! Sometimes, I am wondering is it my body’s problem or the shift!

    I have noticed something here! The weather seems delayed by a month or so! If 4D is timeless, then merging can slowdown the time… except some group want us not it to happen and / or wish that we notice it!

    Thank you.


    1. You are so welcome <3 What an amazing, thing this all is, and being in it, being integral in it's movement by our choices. As incredibly critical this time is, thanking our selves with lovingness because we put ourselves right here, over the times. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  2. Yes, exactly… incredible and critical time… and also we put ourselves right here… knowing fully well about the spectacular event! <3 <3 <3


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