Another hacking attempt by I-know-who

Amazon Hack Tweet 25Aug2019

He sits around in spandex (probably my riding jodphurs he stole) on his days off, pretending he’s someone he’s not on boards everywhere online as derivatives of the azimuth of the sun, stalking me. Like all narcissists, he hides the evidence, rewrites history, and deceives, lies, steals and attempts murder. He has police level database access and misuses it against me. He has friends in high places, and ‘does favors’. This creep has an illegal life insurance policy on me and is the person of interest if I die a premature death: I am the healthiest person imaginable. He lives on beer, peanuts, processed food, bacon and Coke. Oh, and, as he wrote on in 2013: “I’m in news. I lie for a living.”

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  1. Oh… hmmmm!

    Just know that sick by mind is also sick by soul; provided the soul has survived deep in the cage.

    I noticed something and was surprised enough to comment here… see the last line captured in the pic! You are starting or perhaps already started… an amazing phase of life!

    Stay tuned to your soul for more surprises to come!

    Take care, dear friend.


    1. You have the eye that is single to see that too 🙂
      All so wounded need prayer, airing truth is necessary but I pray he truly has a heart change.
      May your day be so beautiful,
      Sending waves of love, namasté!

      1. Got the waves! Thank you, dear friend!

        Amen to your prayers!

        Have a beautiful dream to make the night wonderful.

        Take care.


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