It is with a heavy heart I live today. Yet simultaneously I live in JOY.

Today my daughter Emily (who my son named my granddaughter – his daughter, after my daughter his older and only sister – after) has turned 39. This day she was born.

I mailed her a gift package to the address I knew four years ago. I hope it gets to her.

A carved Pink Himalayan Salt votive candle holder, a pair of hand-sewn curtains in a block-print vintage Victorian blown rose fabric, and an eight-page letter.

I cannot describe the profundity inherent in the challenge of being made dead by my own family. I am existentially erased. In their minds.

Me, I’ve actually let go.

Detox and removing vampiric layers will do that for a person!

All things possible with the Most High God, in this illusion of a world!

I work very hard to center within the seat of my soul to feel God’s Goodness within myself. To not succomb to the evil that so derailed my life from birth. I have come to the conclusion that I have very little genetic serpent seed in my genes. That my task as an Elect in this incarnated flesh skin is to return to the first estate. I knew my VMAT2 was high… but at this point, realizing and seeing all I do, seeing others begin to discover what I have always known within, I see why I was targeted so early – from birth – and “never amounted to anything”, no matter how many things I tried. Something always happened, and it was usually a death, or illness, or emergency. That’s how Satan works.

The Ice Flow of my life now
Written in a #nanowrimo slam last month

So whatever brings your day to you Emily, know that you are loved beyond measure.
Not only by me. I just birthed you (yes, my DNA call your name).
By GOD and Yehushua the Messiah Christ.
I know that the DNA in you will win. GOOD PREVAILS: all things in Christ.
I love you, my dear daughter! Happy Birthday!

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