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IN THE FACE OF TYRANNY, STAND WITH TRUTH: Terral banned from commenting on Substack, re-stacked note 6July2023

New Substack Note in response to “Terral Is Banned from Commenting on Substack”, July 6, 2023

Update: Terral was “unbanned” hours later, given the explanation that an algorithm had flagged his comments as Spam. That is how it works. We speak truth aloud on borrowed Time anyway. I’ll leave this article as an object lesson.

Terral banned from commenting on Substack re-stack note 6July2023

Although there are no “universal antidotes”: colloidal (nano) silver, Boron or Chlorine Dioxide, and many people sent information to Clifford Carnicom (Institute), myself included, and am first cousin to a Fort Detrick medical officer so confirm from directly conveyed facts that AIDS and SARS-COV2 were both crafted there (Lyme at Plum Island, another Army End Times outlier), indeed Terral is correct that the “virus” was made to appear “stolen” and “released in Wuhan” with the “bat in the market” narrative when in actuality Bill Gates funded the Wuhan Virology Institute the same year he launched the Decade of Vaccines in which he announced at his 2010 TED Talk “With vaccines we can reduce the population”. 

This is the End Times playing out and the recent live blood analysts (Dr. Ana, Dr. Robert Young etc) and other “doctors” including the poorly disguised tranny Lee Merritt and the ones who are trying to repent of their work in the vaccine bioweapon industry Robert Malone and Karen Kingston (darlings to most people too naive to understand the actual picture per Ephesians 6:10-18) follow these Pied Pipers.

Terral, you know that you are over the mark for being cancelled speech-wise, something I also endure, and I comment here because I stand with TRUTH.


© Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, Ps.
July 6, 2023

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