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Pine Needles for Spike Protein Antidote Tea

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Organic, freshly wild harvested White Pine needles are a safe and natural spike protein antidote
Wild-harvested White Pine Needle Spike Protein Antidote Tea is rich in Suramin, Vitamin C and turpenes, all of which protect against Prion shedding effects from association with those who have received the genetic alteration shots, pills and now foods

Pine Needle Spike Protein Antidote Tea is easy to make and delicious, and I offer the needles picked-to-order from a virginal pine forest.

The essential oils of Pine: turpenoids, are a first-line defense to protect oneself from the spike protein shedding and to clear the body of lungworms and threadworms, which provide a cardiopulmonary and gastrointestinal environment conducive to the proliferation of nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and what is known as Covid and “Long Covid”.

Creutzsveldt-Jakob disease, the wasting diseases seen in wildlife and the zombie apocalypse, all have Prion shedding in common. The gain of function these morphic virions accomplish can and does quickly overtake a biological system.

History: you have seen this predictively programmed in all the Hollywood zombie movies. In the spring you can watch all the birds, squirrels, sheep, goats, cattle and horses graze the newly budding pines: they are deworming themselves. The greeks wrote at length about the disease-curing benefits of pine, and peer-reviewed articles abound which prove its efficacy. Many of us Lyme and Morgellons warriors have been using the Essential Oil of Pine Turpentine Protocol, something known by Civil War era slaves.

The fallen angel Annunaki who call themselves aliens: nephilim human hybrid Atlanteans, Egyptians and contemporary world rulers – all serpent seed – continue to modify these foods and us, like they did with pork, a hybrid of wild boar and human, to lower the human slaves’ vibrations and raise their own, so the humans could bear seeing them, they were so horrific. Dread is a very strong word choice:

“Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” – Deuteronomy 31:6

Sorcery and Cymatics, the spike protein transference from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated now, is the morphic resonance for which I recommend pine needle tea as an antidote. It is a natural mRNA vermifuge which is safe for all ages and health states. It should not be the only precaution one takes, but should be added to the daily regimen of Optimal Health In A 5G Nano Toxic World ©

The human race was modified by the same monsters running the world now, responsible for genetically modifying the brain and nervous system into an anxiety and addiction-prone, in the face of trauma, collective sheeple believing the lying narratives and sacrificing their souls, offering their own children to Molech and uploading their consciousness to the Transhuman cloud of Virtual Reality.

High in Suramin, pine needle tea protects the body from the Spike Protein Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis Prion (zombie) viral morphic resonance transferred from those genetically altered by the “vaccines”.

The 6 ounce (or more, I pack the Ziploc bag with as many needles as possible) bag of freshly-harvested national park wild Virginia White Pine needles lasts a month or more. Full printed instructions are included. Any questions can be sent here if they should arise.

Product requests and protocol item sourcing:  for assistance, feel free to make other product or protocol item requests here

Due to the hike in shipping USPS and also the fact that it takes 1-1/2 gallons of gas for me to get to the nearest post office and back, I had to raise the price to $33.00, which still includes Priority Mail shipping. Really, collecting and sending pine needles is a labor of love and service to my fellow humans seeking to stay that way! If you still use Paypal, the payment email is If you want to use Stripe instead, that email is But Stripe takes nearly a week to transfer, so that delays shipment, because I collect the branches, remove the needles and ship as soon as I receive the processed payment (which then directly covers the cost to ship them and the gas tank top-up). And SOON the entire banking system will collapse… We are definitely at the precipice of the Mark of the Beast system instituting. As soon as I receive your payment, I’ll live harvest, debranch, print the included instructions and get these DNA-preserving pine needles to you!

One bag: $33.00, two bags is $60.00, which includes U.S.P.S. Priority Mail shipping with delivery tracking, insured for up to $100.00

1. PayPal (choose Friends and Family option) to

2. STRIPE to (not the ETA@ address)

The above quoted price is for Domestic U.S. Priority Mail Shipping only, and includes delivery tracking. I usually ship within 24 -48 hours of processed payment.

Once the pine needles are in the post office, the delivery tracking number will be emailed.

NOTE: WordPress will not allow me to select HEALTH or DETOX as a CATEGORY.

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