The last time I got spam like this…

… was in 2010 -2012 on my (closed in 2012) WordPress blog OUR HOME FARM, and it came from my (now ex) husband Kurt, his ex-wife Nic le Gal ano and her new husband who she met while she was still married to that half-man in news I had the misfortune to marry, a Pennsylvania girl’s private school computer instructor named M tt L ke, and a career hacker known for his work in Apple “easter eggs”.
The number of discrete recorded visitors to this blog is now averaging a few handfuls daily, a minute fraction of the traffic it once received, and should get based on the number of subscribers via WordPress blogpost email announcements alone, let alone links from WordPress Reader tag traffic, subscribers only via email, and then the followers on the remaining platforms I cannot/no longer use – Yo T be, Inst gram, Fa eb ok, Tw tter, which number nearly 2,000. The ratio of traffic to read my Gravatar biography is approximately 150% greater than the number of visitors daily, if not much more, depending on the threat what I wrote to the deep state narrative. So this hacking, a peek of which is shown below, is commensurate with intentional actions, likely by persons in military employ as well as actors in the Phase 2 BioAPI MK Ultra.

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