This helps one conceptualize the unknown extradimensional and electromagnetic factors of the coming of The Light: CHRIST. The cymatically and narrative-controlled perceived reality we are in and its dogmas make it difficult to grasp the TRUTH. Same as with the CROSS being symbolic as Jesus explained to John in JOHN’S VISION OF THE CROSS OF LIGHT which I transcribed manually and posted here a few weeks ago. WE ARE TO BELIEVE AND TRUST. And to do that must not allow DNA TERMINATION. It all hinges on that. IN THE VIDEO he shows the small curves made by the star bending space-time fabric. This is where the exit from the ensoulment trap will occur for those who are translated from the 3-D hyperbolic language. Thanks to Hush Puppy for the dedication and open single eye <3

July 26, 2020 http://eatingtoascend.com

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