Objects in the mirror are closer than you think


July 11, 2020

(Today is Mary Frances Dann Little’s birthday: my mother-in-law from the Tribe of Dann.)

My article about the angelic lineage of my family

I witness the skies and plasma arcing daily. The fact that this is a third world rural Himalayan area on the electromagnetically positive Holy Ganga river – water from heaven – has much to do with this.

The natives and ex-pat locals are blinded by the sorceries. I apparently am the only human being in India who doesn’t use a cellphone, make calls, text, WhatsApp – owned by Facebook – or any social media. I have been warning the world of the 5G nanotechnology WiFi triggered soul trap since I began this website over two years ago.


Your SOUL is what will be taken and what this war is over. Our pennies-per-pound carbon value means nothing to them. #HolyWar #EverySingleSoulCounts

This is what WWG1WGA REALLY MEANS! TRUMP is an instrument only. He is cabal.

Do your SELF – YOUR SPIRIT – a favor because it’s longing for real food, the bread of life which is THE LIGHT. (If you recoil from Christ you are Lucifer’s).

Read the apocrypha. The Passion and crucifixion are ultimately symbolic. The cellular regeneration of LIGHT is the cross and atomic structure of the LIFE FORCE WHICH ONLY COMES FROM THE CREATOR OF CREATION imitated by quantum physics.

Please read and share my blogs for the sake of the few humans left.

Beware the sucking power of those who entice with the psyops of posthumanism and the cloud. You can not be as gods. That is the mistake satan made and why human blood sacrifice is done.

If you haven’t read this article (or if it’s been awhile since you had), please revisit it. Written last September, it pretty-much touches on everything except the C word.

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Laura Rohrer Little Brooks (carrying my biological family’s DNA with)


IMG_9433 P.S. And I was more than a little shocked to find that the “face of God” identified by surveying hundreds of people looks a lot like mine. Not that that means anything, just saying.

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  1. Thank you for the post.

    The Face of God is interesting! Can you please share something more on it?

    Thank you and namasté.

    1. Yes, this is what I have been writing about since 2018 here, and why I gave up a cell phone and finally cancelled the dormant, unused plan. And have been battling smart dust since 2015 because of Morgellons. What NEEDS TO BE SAID IS THAT AI is not *satanic, IT *IS SATAN.
      AND that the incoming system that is going to onliterate this earth JUST LIKE MY VISION AT AGE 19 “Not for a constant moment but the world will be obliterated” (a search on this blog will find that piece of paper I wrote that on in 1979), AND that Jesus IS the Light of the singularity as well as the body that was hung and NO PERSON WHO REFUSES TO CONFESS THAT WILL TRANSLATE.
      There is a reason translate us used for going between different languages and dimensions as well.
      I pray, Chitta, for you that you have been able to hear The Word in this blog. I don’t write, I prophesy, and pieces of the ship are falling off and nobody likes me (Captain Kirk).

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