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This morning I came across a video made by Ankaraman, in response to Wes Penre’s decrying that human beings have no discrete soul and are not only recycled and our knowledge wiped clean – amnesia, the cup of forgetting we drink before conception – and I was called to comment my response in great length, and I am sharing this here.

Before reading any further, please watch the video. It does have a “fake voice”, so, that’s annoying, but oh well.
Then read my rebuttal below it.

Deflating majorly, isn’t it? Right. That’s the plan/THEIR PLAN: defeat us, defeat our eyes opening, chain us further with false fear. More old serpent lies. That red dragon. His time is will come. Astrologically, he’s almost here. Check this on any celestial modelling program, but do account for electromagnetic torroidal time and space distortion, and the red oxide (‘they’ call it Saharan dust, or volcanic ash, which of course plays a part but is not all) Nibiru the Destroyer casts: magnetic as well.

5G is one of their last attempts to prevent Humans from ascending, for so many reasons. The unspoken reason is one I addressed in June, here: They want to keep our frequency low to keep us from ascending, with the ELF/EMF 5G.

Here below is my rebuttal. If you have thoughts, please comment. And as always, from me to you, whoever you are, MUCH LOVE!
P.S. Following my response is lucidation from the #KolbrinBible

I think our responses to this (read here so far, and mine concurs) are valid and the reason we are so emphatic is not more matrix-glue cognitive dissonance, but rather our quantum light genetic memory, which Wes Penre subverts to relegating as mere soul trash. Our souls indeed have a lightwave mass, and yes, some of the ancient hidden texts from all times and cultures many of us are reading now often refer to the Nephilim Anunnaki AKA Sumerian creator gods remixing our souls with more of their own DNA (have you listened to Gary Parker’s story? He’s just as hoodwinked – and think about the etymology of hoodwinked, while you’re at it – which i) is the REAL trash, theirs, but their leader whom they revere (in power now, here) reverses all truths, because they were evicted from heaven by the MOST HIGH GOD and after this realm is destroyed by Nibiru the Destroyer, will spend eternity in the pit of fire, they are just given rein here now, and all this crap is going down until the celestial arrangement aligns for the pole shift.
This is so important I will say it more clearly: a HIGHER POWER THAN THEIRS EXISTS, AND HE VALUES EACH AND EVERY SOUL. But knowledge of His decision’s impact on the soul trap is STILL suppressed, and that suppression is carried on by the likes of Wes Penre, Gerald Clark, et al.
Right now as it continues to unfold in the cosmic war of little g gods, Marduk/Enki is moving onward with his plan of harvest for our souls. We know that this has been going on for thousands upon thousands of years, many millions, before Tiamet was sundered. that galactic reset. But a rescue mission is in place, and the every account of prophetic word of it, and every account after his death except those canonized by the Roman Catholic Church (and all other subdivisions that entity has allowed to stake a religious name claim to, protestant or not) were hidden until recently, but now we are in the time of the revealing (the definition of the word apocalypse). There IS a MOST HIGH GOD, higher in might and power than the Sumerians/Draconians, or others. All cultures and religious texts prophecy or share stories of His son’s coming and physical death and rising. Yes, the pattern is pharaonic, but in context that’s how the physics of it happen. As the cliche I have never liked the sound of goes, “It is what it is”.
The torroidal field of planet Earth will be “ripe” at a perfect point, and the mission will happen. The tragic truth is that THIS is based on faith, not works. We try, as humans, to reason all things out. Remember Jeff Goldblum’s character as the tabloid journalist in Jurassic Park (I) said: “Man can rationalize anything.”
They feed on trauma to the point that even the 5G network is designed to pump production of corticosteroids, ephinephrin and adrenaline for them to sap. The extent of their machinations is mind-boggling.
Don’t get swept up in the mystery school gar-bage. It’s Satanic. Nephilim. Anyone here catch Dark Journalist’s show last night of Gurdjeif? Or that new kid on the block, Immortal Truth, who misses the mark right off the bat (another word root to consider, language is a weapon, yes?) by thinking this is a collective of soul knowledge – LIKE A BORG, kid!
STILL, people miss the Jesus message (the Hopi didn’t).
I will leave it at this; I’ve written enough. Please consider what I have said. My channel here is not my best face to the world, I’m a writer. Soon my first book will be out, and a fuller, more explicative second will soon follow. My blog is eatingtoascend.wordpress… Not sharing to to advertise so much as continue passing the torch! And of all channels I recommend, it’s Zen Garcia’s Endeavor Freedom. And THANK YOU for reading this. LOVE.

DNA in sky, 28June2018, courtesy WSO
These devils even put DNA in the skies, to confound and terrify us. But it’s HOLOGRAPHIC. It’s theatre. Fake. Think Hollywood’s WAG THE DOG but atmospheric. They are creating the illusion to cause us fear, from which we trap ourselves. Capiche?

Lastly, heed this:
From the Kolbrin Bible: “The greatest cause any man can serve is that divinely designed for him and intended to be his. It is the course of mankind, which operates within the Divine Design and bears man upward to the very threshold of divinity. In these dark days when many gods wage war among themselves for supremacy and man is divided against himself with the many conflicting beliefs, this cause is voiceless and unchampioned. Yet already, the champion is conceived and lies asleep within the womb of time, awaiting the hour of birth. This champion is the Good Religion now safeguarded and cherished by the devoted few during the ages of its conception. This is the religion, which will some day enter the homes and hearts of a despairing humanity. Enshrining the hopes and aspirations of mankind, it will endow them with life and meaning, so that they can rise with man to the mountain tops of divinity. Only the Good Religion will stand forth and declare that man, given a cause sufficiently great, will be unconquerable. While other beliefs appeal for mercy or aid, or beg forgiveness or seek to appease, declaring man to be weak and pitiful, the Good Religion will come to his aid like a life-giving elixir. Its advent will be the morning star heralding a new, brighter day, and in the light of that day, man will know himself for what he really is and will do the things he must do. He will then no longer be a child walking in darkness and ignorance, wringing wringing his hands and crying because he is so weak and wicked. He will no longer crawl in the dust of servile humility, begging for mercy or for another to bear the burden of his sins. In the light of the new dawning day, man will be shown what he really is, and the dawn heralds will declare his divinity. Then, from out of the dust long-gathered in the darkness, the new man will arise and stride resolutely forward towards the sunrise. The Book of Wisdom, 11:1-4.

The champion conceived, the Morning Star, is Yeshua. Jesus. The Kolbrin Bible is remarkably significant because in it is revealed even more fulfilled prophecy.

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  1. Hello,
    Good Prevails!
    Thank You for sharing my video, really, the conception of creating a new soul before everylifetime out of soultrash sounds quite dissapointing and it conflicts with what we used to think the soul is. The more you ponder on this, the more arguments you will find, which support your sensation of being an unbreakable eternal unit/utun.
    We have never been and never shall be the soultrash, we are awared beings and we have some progress, which no one can reverse.
    Cheers and Greetings from Russia!

    1. Hello, Ankaraman, and yes, it does!
      You are very welcome, and I am so grateful to you – speaking for all human beings, both of us here – for making your video posted today, to which I responded. The evil circus just does not stop, does it? Yet. It will. But their craft of lies manipulating mankind through his/her own weaknesses is endless – so far. But the GOOD GOD WILL PREVAIL. He is unveiling it all for all who have eyes to see. So we speak. This is love in action. The Good Religion, as is written.
      I did not know the word utun! My search engine (I refuse to use goo-ghoul) is not finding it. Please explain? I am guessing it means something like ‘the highest; irreducible’?
      After writing and posting and blogging this morning, I went to make some tea and the knowledge that Faith itself, like Love, vibrates most highly in the frequency we need to ascend with literally, to defeat the 5G. Is 5G everywhere in Russia too? I would think not, but do not know.
      We were definitely chosen to be here now, sir. We are truly blessed that we are chosen to see and speak.
      I often wonder – and search for – the truth of Putin, does he fight the Anunnaki/Nephilim really. Although I may be from the U.S., I am no fan of this country, and saw through the BS as long ago as 1974 as a young teenager. Being awake wins no popularity contests lol! So I am taking this opportunity to ask you about Putin, and more importantly, your country Russia. I know about Holodomo… Much to learn. Truth not here, that’s for sure.
      If you would like to expound on this, together perhaps, I’m interested!
      Much love to you, brother in Truth and Man and Light!

      1. It is a funny idea to pose some political leader as a special one, as Jesus the Savior. Feed no illusion, they are all puppets on a great arena. Utun is the Eckankar term for the Real You, which is not conditioned by this temporary lifetime circles. I found it in the NUBook Three by Duane Heppner. I want to leave the circles of Matrix, but the way presented by Wes is specificating only on a discarnation from Earth, there is far more to go through.

  2. Because you took the time to write this blog post, I would like to acknowledge you and your thoughtfulness. You are correct – your soul is NOT trash.

    I used to work with Wes Penre, and we started making videos a few years ago. I used the alias “Ariel Glad”. I disconnected from that type of work and with Wes, personally, after having found out and then later confirming for myself that the Orion family story as it is told in the Wes Penre Papers is a lie. It’s made up.

    I no longer felt comfortable leading people into areas as precious as eternal salvation, the soul, and what comes next when it was all so clearly WRONG. I publicly apologized for all of the contributions that I made while working with him, asked him to remove whatever I couldn’t personally remove myself (videos) and I, embarrassingly, left that community with my tail between my legs for having been SO WRONG. I learned a lot, though, and there is value in that.

    I watched, witnessed, and even participated in “adjusting” the material we were presenting so that we wouldn’t lose channel subscribers and/or patrons. We were depending on that for our income and YES, the information was edited and written in such a way so that we would not lose money when people asked certain questions that we were reluctant to answer. People were bringing up some very good questions about some of this stuff that really appeared to be very darkly oriented.

    The “soul fragmentation” concept came from Wes and I watching a Teal Swan video and discussing that topic in relation to being in narcissistic relationships, and we took liberties to expand that idea. It came about, literally, just from a conversation we were having (as most of our videos did) about “what if”. We have no proof of that claim, whatsoever, but we made sure that we always qualified our words with “in my opinion” or “from what I’ve learned so far”…things like that, so that if the information needed to change later, we left ourselves some wiggle room to present new or contradictory information. Wes said that was alright and he always tells people to “do their own research”. That means, if you believe what he tells you and he was wrong, it’s YOUR fault for believing it. That’s his loophole that he ALWAYS makes sure to insert, in one way or another.

    Wes’s Orion story was stolen from Robert Morning Sky and reworked. Robert Morning Sky stole from Sitchen. They ALL steal from each other and it’s all absolute crap. Wes’s “secret contact source” was a Facebook friend who claimed to be from “Orion” and Wes believed him (maybe still does). He wasn’t/isn’t. He’s a regular guy who was entertaining himself with a little role playing and Wes fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I witnessed this communication (email) and I even read a lot of the past conversations.

    Sorry to anyone who was believing in all of this. I know it’s hard to have a bubble burst when you think you’ve found a truth you’ve been searching for, for so long. I’m NOT going to lie about, though. It’s better to deal with the lie, process the emotions, and move forward to better information that benefits you and fills you with joy (NOT FEAR!) and excitement. 🙂 I wish you all very well in your lives.

    1. I believe that the timing of your letter (for I choose to retain the dignity of human communication by not debasing our thought and knowledge sharing with the weaponized paradigms of digital and AI) is of perfect in the plan of God as the last of the lost are given their final opportunities to know the truth which is Jesus Christ and be born in him, baptized in the Holy Spirit water in their hearts, and in the plasma arc from the East to the West CME to come that Satan has orchestrated the occulting of, to Rapture, if they are The Elect, because it IS a DNA rescue mission The Creator came to earth in 24-chromosome flesh to take the keys of death from The Serpent Satan from, and harvest the Sons and Daughters of Light, which is God.
      I will pray for Wes specifically. What he did is truly abominable. I continued to monitor his published lies until last Fall, and finally, so disgusted, ceased, to use the energies and gnosis I am given directly in soul combat.
      The fact that you found my article – from over four years ago, and I had just begin this website when that was written – is proof of the plan of God coming to its perfection.
      So many misunderstand what the Law of God is. The very inadequate CGI we are shown as Fibonnaci is a poor substitute for the conception of it, but is what we have. Visualizing the pattern expand infinitely, it follows its own prime rules and patterns. That’s all GOD.
      Incredibly, it will become something else when this earth world universe realm is destroyed to be remade with no darkness at all. We can’t even conceive of that.

      Thank you, ‘Ariel’. Your place in Heaven will be a beautiful mansion. You are blessed because you chose truth, and you chose truth because it is in you. It is good to meet another sister in our beautiful family of Light. Keep your lamp filled: forget the world. He’s coming soon.

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