May 5, 2021

I found another watcher and am excited to share with you his dedicated, prophetic work, he’s here and he’s for real. I emailed him back/forth already. I hope to find the time to mirror some of his articles, and am going to add his website to the SIGNS AND WONDERS pages (a category, really). This one from day before yesterday shows what they are hiding with all the 5G, HAARP and stratospheric aerosols here in Babylon. At least twice a day the incredible inner ear pressure, ringing and high tones beyond any I have ever experienced (which is a LOT) atmospheric anomalies, sudden cloud cover, a crack of “thunder” or two but no storms… then it disperses. They are hiding falling meteors and all the SIGNS AND WONDERS.
The sky really is falling and on fire. Just like in The Days of The Destroyer
Remember how I heard the trumpet sounds of heaven?

With love and in His Light,

© Pastor Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, May 5, 2021
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