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​The Ascension Diet Offgrid Patreon tier exists as the first step for all who are called to join with others in the spirit of Love and intentional community serving the Most High GOD, not ego. This tier is the beginning of a real community and living space, and we will make it together.

Many individuals, researchers and content creators have publicized-but-completely separate advertised plans for actual physical and geographically diverse survival communities for when the SHTF, the grid goes down and TEOTWAWKI happens. The problem with this is that they don’t pool their efforts, and little comes to fruition, fragmented in differences and divergent ideologies. What must happen is that we must all COME TOGETHER, like John Lennon sang, and make this happen AS ONE. We have been divided, and I invite all who hope to establish survival communities to join here as our first step to unite our strengths and make the new earth happen.

​We are in a time of total attack on being human, and Agenda 21 has been accomplished, taking even the most erudite by surprise. Readers of the https://EatingToAscend.com/blog are aware of what we are up against, and have had the opportunities to hear my interviews, and see my survivalist, non-GMO organic farming and animal husbandry experience, going back over fifty years. I urge all who want to proclaim soveriegnty and liberty in the dark days ahead – soon coming, and happening now, as FEMA plandemic internment/re-education/eradication camps has been legislated in the United States Senate, seconding the United Nations’ dark agenda.

​For only $3.00 a month, you can help humanity survive.​ Won’t you join the Ascension Diet Offgrid? You are needed! All voices, hands and hearts count! (I wanted to make it $1.00 per month, but the Patreon creator account fees must be paid.)

This is the definitive rally cry and groundswelling social movement against tyranny of the Antichrist, so take your place with us. Think of the disciples, of Noah and Job, of Enoch and Daniel, Ezekiel, Mary and Joseph,John the Baptist and Paul. YOU ARE AS VITAL: we have just been lulled and dulled by lying narratives, eroded by incessant toxic cymatics to be divorced from our true nature! We are HOLY WARRIORS and we WILL make this happen, and your support is how it will happen collectively as ONE. (Reference: Revelation 19)

​In Light and Love,
​January 4, 2021

© Laura Rohrer Little Brooks January 4, 2021
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Ridiculed by family and friends lifelong for being a "conspiracy theorist", survivalist and prepper, the author was born to ancestry on each side steeped in Freemasonry (Masonic Order Scottish Rite, Eastern Star, Job's Daughters), the Oddfellows and the Elks, John Birch and other secret societies, while being German, Celtic Irish / Welsh and Cherokee in both direct parental lineages. Those who are awake know the significance of this lineage. Her early childhood and youth were shaped by devout Lutheranism, scouting, serving as Chaplain in Job's Daughters, and almost becoming Amish! After reading 1984 in 1974, she stopped watching television at age 14, and at 17, refused multiple recruitment attempts by the CIA. By age 25, she was an antique dealer who helped coin the term kitsch, and an accomplished, self-sufficient non-GMO organic gardener and master food preserver, with two young children, a degree in Chemistry, and a scholarship to Johns Hopkins Medical School. The tragic death of her closest brother derailed her medical studies, and having become a divorced single parent by age 27 with no child support, instead pursued advanced degrees in fine arts and hospice nursing. However, monetary reward was not to come. As years went by, a pattern of MK Ultra interference emerged, interrupting completion of her goals. The strong educational background in math, sciences and computers, fine arts, literature and history imbued her ability to decipher the intentionally confusing reality of the toxic world we live in. Previous employers include NASA Goddard, the Discovery Channel and Aerotek. As the "truther movement" gained momentum world-over, the undeniably visible dangers of GMOs, chemtrails, and the surveillance state grew evident. Interviewed on NPR's National Public Radio in 2011 as a pioneer GMO-free food producer, her life took another fateful turn three years later, after her primary care physician refused to diagnose and treat her for Lyme Disease, she realized she had developed what is commonly called Morgellons, and immediately discovered that the systemic coverup and refusal to diagnose or treat meant she had to heal herself. Drawing on every aspect of her lifetime of experience and learning enabled her to not only recover, but to achieve a greater health - in middle age - than is believed possible. In the process of detoxification and physical regeneration - especially the pineal gland - she found a working diet almost anyone can follow that raises frequency and sovereign intention, readying the mind, body and spirit for humanity's greatest challenge: Ascension.

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