1. Mind blowing!

    What other proof you need than this, showing that you are called here for purpose! Yes, I really am surprised that the social media addicted people, who casually clicks so many images, had not thought about clicking one for you! But, on second thought, I think that it was meant that way.

    Regarding the picture of the post, I can say that like humans, there are good serpents and there are bad serpents. There is something called Naga and there are traditions, through out the world, specially South East Asia. If speculating that like good and saintly humans shying away from others, such good Nagas (serpents) are also shying away from their own tribe and humans. Something akin to brothers against brothers! There are good and bad Nagas in Indian Mythology. I guess once you start to dive deep into it, you are going to come out with something wonderful for all to know!

    So, happy to get a double dose today!!!

    Thank you for all.


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    1. My mind was blown by this too when I connected these facts!
      Here in India the humans and cows have the same cough and mucus.
      It took living here to realize, and it is THE DIVINE GRACE OF GOD that has had me reading all the apocrypha, Dead Sea Scrolls and other antideluvian and extrabiblical material.
      No Indian I have yet met disagrees with my name: DURGA.
      Much love, hari OM, brother! ❤

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      1. Namasté Durga Ji.

        Yes, I agree.

        I am thinking on something and trying to collect material online as references to argue my case on unbelievable link of deadly disease caused by parasites.

        Thank you for all.

        Hari OM.

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      2. Yes, Durga ji.

        Only thing I learned in mean time… being patient and surrendering to His (or is it Her?) Schemes of Things!

        Thank you and namasté.


      3. I am smiling thinking the scenario… go go go… at the secret base and then you playing a peek-a-boo with them!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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