We Were Created To Be This


This was outside, the day before Nichole died. And I went outside, after taking these images and looked up, and a portal – like in STARGATE – was over the converted church I lived in. It was half-materialized, and closer than this Light Being I believe is an angel. The angel who may be my guardian angel, or Nichole’s, or both of ours. I tried to videotape the portal, but my iPhone malfunctioned, or something, because the controls reversed. (That happened to another watcher, Seven Spaulding, too.) here and here.

I am very moved by something (else) said to me early today, and it is so profound I do not know if I should make it digital, either yet or at all. I’m letting this sit within for now. But I am called to show you all these images again. The deceived will say this is a ‘sundog’: a term devised to cover up the divine by the controllers of this world.
We are love. We become stars. Love is Light is Divine and we are all uniquely created to exist eternally. It is a test here. Rise above the pain. Love has wings and is stronger than death. Your lungs are where your wings attach. I keep reinforcing this to you.

(I do believe what I was told is true.)

The Hollywood film industry knows this, and debases us with the star plaques in cement which record the human souls traded to succeed, or be sacrificed in the process.

I love each of you so much. And O my children and family, and you, my dearest Emily. Be strong! Hug your dad for me <3


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Ridiculed by family and friends lifelong for being a "conspiracy theorist", survivalist and prepper, the author was born to ancestry on each side steeped in Freemasonry (Masonic Order Scottish Rite, Eastern Star, Job's Daughters), the Oddfellows and the Elks, John Birch and other secret societies, while being German, Celtic Irish / Welsh and Cherokee in both direct parental lineages. Those who are awake know the significance of this lineage. Her early childhood and youth were shaped by devout Lutheranism, scouting, serving as Chaplain in Job's Daughters, and almost becoming Amish! After reading 1984 in 1974, she stopped watching television at age 14, and at 17, refused multiple recruitment attempts by the CIA. By age 25, she was an antique dealer who helped coin the term kitsch, and an accomplished, self-sufficient non-GMO organic gardener and master food preserver, with two young children, a degree in Chemistry, and a scholarship to Johns Hopkins Medical School. The tragic death of her closest brother derailed her medical studies, and having become a divorced single parent by age 27 with no child support, instead pursued advanced degrees in fine arts and hospice nursing. However, monetary reward was not to come. As years went by, a pattern of MK Ultra interference emerged, interrupting completion of her goals. The strong educational background in math, sciences and computers, fine arts, literature and history imbued her ability to decipher the intentionally confusing reality of the toxic world we live in. Previous employers include NASA Goddard, the Discovery Channel and Aerotek. As the "truther movement" gained momentum world-over, the undeniably visible dangers of GMOs, chemtrails, and the surveillance state grew evident. Interviewed on NPR's National Public Radio in 2011 as a pioneer GMO-free food producer, her life took another fateful turn three years later, after her primary care physician refused to diagnose and treat her for Lyme Disease, she realized she had developed what is commonly called Morgellons, and immediately discovered that the systemic coverup and refusal to diagnose or treat meant she had to heal herself. Drawing on every aspect of her lifetime of experience and learning enabled her to not only recover, but to achieve a greater health - in middle age - than is believed possible. In the process of detoxification and physical regeneration - especially the pineal gland - she found a working diet almost anyone can follow that raises frequency and sovereign intention, readying the mind, body and spirit for humanity's greatest challenge: Ascension.


  1. Thank you dear friend for beautiful pics.

    The phone malfunctioning at least indicates, either 1) magnetic changes and / or 2) not allowing you to capture the event that they can’t control!

    For me, sundog could represent reflection/refraction of firmament playing with camera lense! Also, for a still picture difficult to ascertain about sundog or something else… but for a sufficiently long clip; things could be easier to interpret!

    Take care.


    1. It is my grateful, humbled honor to share what Our Father shows me with you (all) here <3 You are MOST WELCOME: we are interconnected LOVE embodied.

      I discern that the EM is inseperable from the perceived, but the perceived is dimensionally limited, yes? So we are ascending gradually daily as the EM shifts and we PURIFY – a rate at which we affect with our will and choices of living/eating/not eating – and YES the digital equipment is controlled by the sons of darkness. That's their realm, digital is duplication. I do know that what you see in the images was a moving force of light and it came toward me. I was *motivated as if thoughtlessly bidden to* to just go to the window and look, had been doing something else. *I was called to that window to see what is in these images and to witness that portal over me*

      Did it want to take me in, our lower something down? Did an angel come to guard me and my family because Nichole was about to exit her body, affecting everyone, especially dearest Emily?

      I would like large pastel paper or canvas – 5-6' in width, a roll of it. I could draw or paint all this. I am too financially challenged. So I write. The domain and server space reach far.

      Namaste my brother <3 Thank you for your soul love being!

      1. Thank you for the reply, dear sis.

        Yes, EM is what it makes and breaks! Yes gradual ascension is giving us a once in 309000 years opportunity to go one dimension higher. The persistent will and heartful intentions will get us to a better situation!

        I guess I exactly know what you meant by you were called to the window! There were few occasions in my life, where I have been made to look at something; which was other wise not intended to look at at relevant moments.

        I have had some small miraculous happy moments but not have experienced any angelic help or apparitions! Well, I am open to such a moment or may be two… or may be more… 🙂

        Well, you will get it, as intended… just leave out the expectation of materializing the canvas! May be you can use a computer to create one! Who knows what’s in store for you!

        Take care, dear.


  2. Twice yesterday I tried to comment & was erased. I will try again. The information you provide as a watcher is astounding. I’m so thankful to be able to receive your insights. I ask continually to be revealed the truths through all the deceptions. It is heart breaking most of it but also soothing to feel the truth after being lied to for soooo many years.
    The hument does not surprise me. In fact when I told my hubs about it he lifted his eyebrows & did not deny. In fact it sparked later DEEP conversation together. PRAISE YAH!! His eyes are being open.
    Love, Blessings, peace & Thankyou!💕

    1. It is no surprise that the sons of darkness are digitally interfering. We are all under such massive spiritual attack now. You have such a strong connection and as we are promised, our seeking is rewarded! And the greatest losses are actually our victories! Thank you so much for what you wrote here. I am confident that all who read your words will find firmer steps in their paths thanks to your testimony.

      It IS really stupendously shocking when the veils all strip away! Here is where I remind to be kind and gentle to yourself and focus on LOVE. LOVE IS THE PERFECT LAW OF LIBERTY. When you can daily, laay down on your back and in the Da Vinci man pose and stop thinking and focus on your breath. Feel the place inside where your wings unfurl and your love covers others as God’s love wings cover us, and cradle us in the palm of His hand. We are so much more than we ‘think’ we are <3

      That HUMENT! SO glad your husband read it. Please share the URL for the post on all your social media and email contacts. PEOPLE MUST KNOW GNOW NOW!

      Love you, sister!

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