Morgellons Researcher, Lightworker Harald Kautz-Vella Has Been Murdered


August 12, 2019

It’s 3AM, the devil’s hour, and I am usually – no, always – in bed at this time.

But I just learned from @Truthscrambler’s blog Upon The Face Of The Waters that quantum physicist and Morgellons researcher Harald Kautz-Vella has been murdered.

I echo the words in this comment:

“We all know why he was murdered–because he was able to conceive of, and not be afraid of, to talk about the dark, demonic nature of some human beings, at the expense of anyone who gets in the way. Harald was a threat and they took him out…
Obviously, some people in very important positions did not want him talking about or learning more about this conspiracy. Now, there is no hope for that. Their message is loud and clear.”

The full comment can be read here. She is very thorough and accurate. And she, too, has Morgellons. If you read this, Cindi, please reach out to me.

I extend waves of heart strength and prayers to all of Harald’s friends, family and those who worked with him in this struggle we all face against the evil forces in power.

I will write on this very soon. Harald is very special to me. He is the person who inspired me to begin fasting in the spring of 2017, in addition to learning the truth about nanotechnology and Morgellons. I talked about this in my post called Nanotechnology and Morgellons and Personal History 101.
Get some rest, you’ll need it. Things have now escalated for us.

Namaste and goodnight ❤

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6 thoughts on “Morgellons Researcher, Lightworker Harald Kautz-Vella Has Been Murdered

  1. Dear friend,

    Very upsetting and tragic news… indeed. I have had seen his few videos.

    Strange enough, I feel more encouraged to resolve not to succumb to any pressure and to with stand any BS. Somehow, I feel that all those brave parting this physicality are building up an army out side this 3D realm- that too without the limitations of the bio-suit! So, we are going to get some help in our fight- whatever mode of fight we choose individually.

    Take care dear friend.


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    • Hello Chitta,
      It is, if true, for if the report of this is still a non-confirmed source. I pray that it is incorrect information! Searches yield nothing, and so far no contradictions voiced. I asked the person who originally wrote of this for details, but so far no reply.
      Any further info will be immediately updated here.
      What you wrote is so uplifting for all, I love it. We indeed are so conditioned to react with diminished-from-joyous emotions to passages from this coil! That we have each other in family of truth and love unfettered by the artifice of space and time is so beautiful. So much so I have no more words ❤

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      • Hi dear friend,

        Well, if reports are non-confirmed, then could it also mean that a non-confirmation of being alive or dead is deliberate; as it could bring no further reactions?!

        Once we are aware that we are soul and hence immortal, we need to get out of “their” desired reactions zone and work on our own! Let us all start to do it bit by bit… here and there… slowly bring it in so that it ingrains in our nature!

        Take care dear friend.


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      • Thank you for re-sounding what we all must do. Not bouncing back the reaction sought by the narcissistic oppressors helps break the chain of continuance, just as on the physical level by removing what allows growth and strongholds — that is at once also spiritual! And then transcendence can occur. We create the eternal reality by disengagement from material realms’ definitions.
        There is only One Law, really. All else follows perfectly. This disengagement is key. By exiting the script the role in the play stops.
        The spoke that left the wheel for its own liberty leaves the wheel spinning unevenly by its absence. The answer for the wheel is to stop taking spoke, and to cease to be what it is. The wheel is the confine of a dimension, never infinite, as it depends upon an enslaved balance at the expense yf spoke sovereignty. We “get out of ‘their’ desired reactions zone and work on our own! Let us all start to do it bit by bit… here and there… slowly bring it in so that it ingrains in our nature!”
        And you take care as well dear Chitta 🙂 Thank you so very much and always Namasté.

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    • More thoughts… There is such a difference between fighting and exposing. Aug has been focusing on this lately too. He tweeted last week something like “If someone sends you a package of negative energy, immediately send it back” (I think that was it) and I replied “Perhaps just don’t accept it?” I think he meant the intent of my response. We know why what is called karma works: intent, to be good, must obey the Law which is (beyond our conceptual abilities to even think of) the Most High in all things, and How It Works. It is perfect, it is self-revealing, it is love. The heart energy emulated and duplicated with code and digital holography. Even the concept of the smallest units of subatomic matter are too limited and parabolic (a parable) somehow. Our intent to comprehend, if for good and good sought daily, imperfect as we are… this is what forges the non-physical form (beyond atomic, we perceive it as plasma, ether, electrogravitic properties measurable) we haope to earn while in flesh body life, attained after. The formless ones lack order, defied the Law.
      Heart yearning aspiration dedicated in practice – ~especially when no temporal gratification exists – ~that is the dross-removing effort! That’s how we all change the play!
      HKV gnew this. I do not use FB but (she was ‘in my friends’) Cara St. Louis, his ex-GF, would know and likely post about this, if anyone would like to look. We all should be informed. The post traffic here on him is heavy and truth does need told. Not to keep bouncing a ball, but information blackout is historically how ~they~ keep skeletons in closets. That must stop.

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      • Dear friend,

        Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts.

        After some ordeal that I had been though, I have realized that I can’t eat entire pie in a go, it has to be bite by bite! So, I guess I look up and think about what needs to be done in future; but at the same time without worrying quantum of work and / or efforts need to be made, I just work step by step! This frees me for worries about future and uncertainty, gives me flexibility in thought & actions – without their crystallization; as I move ahead. So, I think this is much easier to apply on spiritual front.

        Yes, exposure is also needed now, as I can see people are stirring and on way to awakening slowly… exposure make them hear and see… those who have their attention to their ears and eyes! “They” can’t plug so many holes in the boat, if occurs simultaneously…

        Take care dear friend.


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